Stage 5 Microsite Subscription

£29.95 / month and a £9.95 sign-up fee

Stage 5 SEO Subscription is our premium service, it includes:

  • 4 page Microsite created for your business, expose yourself!
  • Competitor keyword analysis, why are you being outranked?
  • Link to your official website
  • SEO optimised to level 5
  • Choose 6 prime keywords or key-phrases
  • Show your social media links
  • More images and paragraphs
  • Social media Promotion
  • Sharable Info Video created for your business.
  • Multiple pages for your microsite, Menus, showcase, reviews, videos, forms, competitions etc
  • On site advertising of your business.
  •  maximum search engine optimisation (SEO)



Subscription to Stage 5 SEO optimised business microsite published  by ‘Go Whitstable’

  • The ultimate traffic catcher for your keywords!
  • SEO optimised microsite to level 5 – Appear in more google searches.
  • 6 prime keywords or key-phrases – More chances of getting a ‘Hit’ from search engines for your chosen key-phrases or keywords
  • Social links – direct links from your microsite to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts. Increase followers, friends, likes, retweets and engagement your social media accounts.

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