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Cloud Nine Beauty

Cloud Nine Beauty

Cloud Nine Beauty
77 Oxford Street
Tel: 01227 261333 – Website

Our team offers a friendly and warm service, and it’s our commitment to creativity, quality and client satisfaction that makes us special. We want you to go away with fabulous hair that you can manage at home everyday!

Cloud Nine Beauty

You can relax in the knowledge that our team is well trained in the art of giving you exactly what you want. Because our team is just like you and want only the best products for their own hair, you can be sure that they will only use those tried and tested products on your hair.

Cloud Nine Beauty

In 1973 we opened our first salon in Canterbury. Four years later we opened a second salon in Sittingbourne and in 2007 we opened our third salon in Whitstable.

Cloud Nine Beauty

We successfully ran the Canterbury salon for 44 years.However the Canterbury salon is now safely in the hands of the manager who had been running it for us, and is no longer part of our group.

Cloud Nine Beauty

The Sittingbourne and Whitstable salons continue as they have done previously.

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