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Virtual Assistants in Whitstable
Social Media and Web Management for your business

Virtual Assistants Whitstable

Virtual Assistants Whitstable provide Social Media and Web Management for your business and so, they will increase your social presence and media value. We’ll take care of all the time consuming social media and web responsibilities while you do what you do best!

Social Media Platforms


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Many businesses seem to have opened a Twitter account, found it too time consuming, so, have left it to become dormant. The reason for this is normally that the business does not have the time to monitor another social media platform.
Twitter is a valuable platform in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and so, it will, if properly utilised, help bring visitors to you via your website or phone.


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Facebook pages are one of the most useful FREE social media tools available for businesses today, therefore, with a little time, your Facebook page can become a valuable asset to your business, aiding exposure and promotion through organic posts or paid promotion.


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Instagram is certainly a useful addition to the social media arsenal of any business. Although you cannot post links, there are several ways in which using Instagram can bring benefits to your business, images are an important way to deliver sales messages to your followers and potential customers.


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Search engines will bring traffic to your business only if your website is optimised for SEO. Websites invariably take a large amount of your advertising and marketing budget, so it’s important that they are correctly optimised to catch traffic in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Search engines may display your business if your metadata and keywords are relevant.

Virtual Assistants Whitstable

Virtual assistants are available on an hourly basis, or within a provided plan.

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