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Whitstable Guitars
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If you like your guitars, please visit ‘Whitstable Guitars’
contact Rob – whitstableguitars@hotmail.co.uk

Whitstable based, online guitar shop specialising in Japanese imports.

I really like Japanese Fenders but other Japanese guitars like Bacchus, Edwards, Yamaha, Aria Pro II, Greco, Orville, Burny, Washburn, FGN etc etc are all superb. For me, the build quality & playability is excellent.

I play a Japanese guitar (FGN Tele) when I am out gigging because they suit my needs perfectly.

Check out The Whitstable Gig Guide

I regularly get requests from people asking if I have a particular guitar coming in and asking for notification should one arrive.

Actually, I’m never really sure what will arrive as my guitar stock is made up from part exchanges, purchases I have made from players who are giving up . Guitars that have been left to family members in wills. The list goes on !

Anyway, the best way to keep in touch is to become a site member. It’s free & it just keeps you on a mailing list when I send out a message once a month (or two) to tell you about any new or interesting stock I may have .

Please don’t worry that I will bombard you with messages as it’s me that has to type them all with one finger !!

Here’s a link to the sign up page & a warm welcome to any new members.

Thanks Rob

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A selection of good quality, used guitars and specialising in imports from Japan since 2008

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