Raleigh ‘Stow-E-Way’ E-Bike

raleigh stow e way electric folding bike with a good range
Raleigh Stow E Way E-Bike electric

Rating: 5 out of 5.

raleigh stow e way electric folding bike

With a 250WH battery, the raleigh stow e way electric folding bike packs some serious power, giving you enough range to conquer those mountainous slopes.

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Designed to be packed away at a moment’s notice, the Stow-E-Way has all the power of a classic e-bike in a nifty, foldable model that’ll fit just about anywhere. Powered by a lightweight TransX motor, this folding electric bike takes the sweat out of cycling, making zipping up hills as easy as racing along the flat. Great range.

The carefully selected 20″ wheels offer the perfect balance between a smooth ride and space-saving storage, while the bike’s easy-to-use closing mechanism lets you fold it up in seconds, ready to be stored in the boot, the bus, or the tiny shoe cupboard. The Raleigh ‘stow-e-way electric bike’ dimensions when folded are 880mm x 800mm x 440mm.

With power-assisted pedalling giving you a boost, the Stow-E-Way gives you the freedom and flexibility to ride further than ever before.

And with a 250WH battery this raleigh stow e way electric folding bike packs some serious power. When you’re ready for more of a workout, you can tone down the pedal assistance on the TranzX Display – easy peasy. If you need to hop off for a second, a handy walk-assist feature helps push the bike along while you stroll beside it – perfect for navigating busy pavements.

Aside from all the high-tech stuff, the Stow-E-Way has all the fixings of a seriously good e-bike. 8-speed Shimano gears give you enough range to conquer those mountainous slopes, while a reflective strip around the tyres keeps you safe in low light.

Take the Raleigh Stow E-Way anywhere

This fully-equipped folding e-bike also comes kitted out with a kickstand, mudguards and a rear pannier rack, ready for whatever your journey throws at you.

Caravan holidays in the Peaks, road trips to France, train journeys to the coast – with a bike you can stash away in seconds, the options for adventure are limitless. An ideal battery powered bike.

raleigh stow e way electric folding bike


The 250wh battery will provide a range of up to 50km and its small size means it can easily be removed and charged away from the bike.


You can secure your raleigh stow e way, in the luggage compartment on a train or in the boot of your car. It will easily fit under the stairs or sit compactly in the corner of the room so it’s always available when you need it.


Handle-mounted power controls are placed close to the grips, so you can easily select from the power levels, and use the speed button on the raleigh stow e way electric folding bike, to give you an extra boost for hills or when you’re late for work!


Batteries are measured in Wh (Watt Hours), this number indicates the capacity of the battery. The larger the capacity, the more energy a battery can store and therefore the longer the distance you can ride between charges.

Bosch eBike Battery on the stow e way folding bike gives a 30 mile range

Motor – New TranzX F15 36v 250w Brushless Quick Stop Motor
Max Battery Range 30 miles

Raleigh ‘Stow-E-Way’ E-Bike

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