Fully Optimised Micro Site


Fully Optimised Micro Site
Go Whitstable

Enables small to medium sized enterprises, (SME’s) to get the same online benefits as large companies.

Professionally Optimised to to appear highly in searches for your allocated ‘Key Phrase’ for a period of 6 months




Fully Optimised Micro Site

Fully Optimised Micro Site – to get your business to appear in more searches.
This product features our intensive 27 point SEO Optimisation process.

Advanced Keyword research is undertaken to find out exactly what people search for when looking for your service or product online.
The researched key phrase or keywords will be the focus of our SEO Optimisation.

Example BING Search

Example – If you were a local builder in Whitstable, and would like your business to be found when people search for “Best Local Builder in Whitstable” (An actual popular query) We would optimise your Pro Micro Site to appear as highly as possible in searches for that term (or key phrase)

This Search (or Query) returns 456,000,000+ results

Not surprisingly, for a common key phrase like “Best Local Builder in Whitstable”  BING returns 456,000,000+ Results. there are only 6 organic results on the Front page, (between VERY EXPENSIVE Ad’s on the top and bottom of the page.) So, to get your building business on the front page, You could (1) take out a second mortgage and bid Google for this spot. (2) Optimise your own Website for SEO. (3) You could pay the regular front page big guys like Yell, Mybuilder, Thomson Local, myworkman, ratedpeople localtoolbox, etc, etc. these companies  are on the front pages for many searches, but once again, this really is not cheap, and there are drawbacks.

Let’s take a fast look at that Example BING search for >> Best Local Builder in Whitstable  << with 456,000,000+ results

Optimising your Pro Micro Site sufficiently to rank highly in Google or Bing etc. maybe time consuming and sometimes even frustrating, but it’s a very rewarding task at the end of the day, not only for us, but also for you! ranking highly in search engines brings with it the spoils of the position!

Enhanced Mobile Friendly URL’s

Enhanced URLs which transform your social media posts into professional and eye-catching Facebook posts or Twitter Tweets.

Go Whitstable Pro Micro-sites are Mobile friendly and Speed optimised for all devices, phone, tablet, laptop, and PC.

Pro Business SEO micro-sites, are submitted and indexed through our Webmaster accounts. Your site will be able to appear in Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, Yahoo and various other search engines.

Allocated Keywords or Key Phrases

Your Allocated Key Phrase is optimised to your micro-site only, so your competitor cannot choose the same phrase as you.

Go Whitstable will promote your Pro Micro-site in Social Media using your new enhanced URL
Telephone support is available at any time during office hours for Pro Business Micro-site owners
In depth Google analytics traffic reports can be available for your own IT department, so you can see results!

Fully Optimised Micro Site – Go Whitstable

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