Local Marketing Campaign – Starter Plan

Go Whitstable, Starter marketing campaign
Go Whitstable, Starter campaign

Integrated Local Marketing Campaign – Starter Plan

A Micro-Site web-page for your business will be designed, created and published on the Go Whitstable Website. A cover Image of your business will appear on top of the page, along with your business name, address, telephone number and a link to your Website.

Chestfield Barn example for marketing campaign

Paragraphs of your choice will be placed between images, this can be anything you wish your customers to know about you, your product or your service. Several images of your choice will feature throughout the page. Menus, price lists or products can be uploaded.

example barn for Starter marketing campaign

Your webpage will have an enhanced URL. – This is a link that when shared in social media etc, will generate a large image, title and information about your business. This eye-catching and informative post encourages viewers to click on it and therefore generates many more visitors from social media than a normal standalone link does. example, posting just this link in Twitter https://gowhitstable.com/chestfield-barn/
produces this..click on the pic in Twitter and you’ll go to the Barns page!

example barn 3
example barn 3

Your Micro-site webpage will be optimised to appear highly in the google search engine, also in Bing, Yahoo, duckduckgo etc. Our 27 point Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service is applied to your page, so your business can be found via name, product or service. Your Micro -site will be manually indexed in search engines to avoid lengthy waits for google bots and crawlers. Your page will be ‘mobile friendly’ and will be able to appear on all devices, desktop PC, laptop, notebook, mobile phone and tablets.

Example of search engine results
example barn Starter marketing campaign
Google result
example barn 5
Bing Result
example barn 6
Yahoo result
example barn 7 Starter marketing campaign
Duckduckgo result

Your feature web-page will feature on gowhitstable.com and will also appear in a category page which is already seen by many daily visitors and promoted continually throughout social media. Example, A picture link for ‘The Chestfield Barn’ appears in our restaurants page, if a visitor clicks on it, they will then be directed to the Barns web-page.

Restaurants in Whitstable
Restaurants in Whitstable via Go Whitstable
The Chestfield Barn, bar and restaurant in Whitstable, Kent
The Chestfield Barn, bar and restaurant in Whitstable, Kent

Multiple Social media link icons are created to allow visitors to easily connect with your various social media accounts.

Sharing Icons are also created, these allow visitors to share your webpage via the enhanced URL directly to multiple social media platforms. This widens the reach and impressions of your business, it also creates improved engagements and account growth.

Now you have your business on Go Whitstable, it’s time to put the word out to the thousands of people that are looking for your business or service.
The ‘Get your Business Back on Track’ campaign’ (The £9.95 month you pay for your ‘Starter Campaign’ will deducted from the £29.95 month cost) if you do not already have a page on Go Whitstable, the price of £29.95 will include your ‘Starter Plan’

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