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Team Whitstable from Go Whitstable

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‘Team Whitstable’ via ‘Go Whitstable’ is an ideal way to raise the awareness of your business or personal account in Twitter.

Unlike full account management, we do not need your password, just a simple authorisation, which takes just 2 minutes.

Using Twitter’s ‘Tweetdeck’ @TeamWhitstable (owned by Go Whitstable) are able to follow accounts, make posts, retweet and/or like tweets on your behalf.

Your Twitter posts will of course be retweeted and liked by other Team Whitstable accounts.

How to Join ‘Team Whitstable’

No Twitter Account? Create one now

Join Now, simply follow the instructions in this video and authorise our @TeamWhitstable community account. (Takes about 2 minutes)

Step by Step Instructions (See Video)
1, Go to
2, Log in to the twitter account you wish to authorise.
3, Click on ‘Accounts’
4, Click on ‘Manage Team’
5, Enter @TeamWhitstable as team member.
6, Click on ‘Authorise’
7, Click on ‘Change Role’
8, Click on ‘Admin’
9, Click on ‘Confirm’
That’s it! we’ll message you shortly.

Team Whitstable

The benefits of ‘Team Whitstable’ for your business are numerous. The more activity on the post, the higher it will rank in search streams.

For businesses with a dormant twitter account, Team Whitstable is the perfect solution, saving you time and effort!

With only three major platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s important to maintain a presence in each of these. Many Twitter users do not use Facebook, for one reason or another, same with Instagram.

Many businesses have started a twitter account in the past, only to become despondent with the results and have left the accounts dormant.

When a potential client searches for a business in Twitter, a redundant account may appear to them as a folded business! They may continue to seek out another business.

Local Whitstable businesses seem quite happy to support each other in these hard times, and rightfully so!
When local businesses pull together, they help to improve the economy of Whitstable, and are encouraging local residents to shop locally.

Following our @TeamWhitstable Twitter account is optional!


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