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Go Whitstable is the perfect advertising medium for any Whitstable business, in particular the hospitality industry.


Our ‘Cafes in Whitstable’ page is one of the most popular pages on our site, mainly due to a first page ranking in Google which brings heavy traffic. Social media promotion of this page also brings traffic from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Google searches for ‘Shops in Whitstable’ is rising rapidly! With a First Page Google Ranking, our Shops in Whitstable page receives many visitors from all over the UK (Presumably people about to come on a trip to Whitstable) Local traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is also growing rapidly.


‘Restaurants in Whitstable’ – A very popular page for both locals and visiting tourists, increasing returning visitors indicate the page is doing its job.


With the increase in demand for Airbnb, guest homes and cottages in Whitstable, the need for a comprehensive list has never been so great. Our ‘Accommodation in Whitstable’ page is gaining traction fast and receiving an increasing amount of interest from both search engines and social media.

Pubs & Bars

With the increasing amount of visitors to Whitstable, the ability to get your bar or pub noticed is becoming more difficult, appearing on our ‘Pubs in Whitstable’ page ensures your exposure to Google traffic, social media visitors and site footfall traffic.

Trades and Services

We have a dedicated category for most trades and will create one for you if needed. Finding a local builder, roofer, carpet layer or carpenter is now easy for the locals with our ‘Trades and Services’ page.

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